General Information

Preview Service
DVD's of LANDMARK MEDIA's productions are available for preview and evaluation prior to purchase at no cost to the previewer except for return postage.

LANDMARK MEDIA prints and videos are available for a three-day rental at $65. per title.

All DVD's are available for purchase at the prices listed within the catalog. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Study Guide
One study guide accompanies most previews, rentals and purchases. Feel free to duplicate the guide as needed.

State Correlations
Correlations between our videos and the State Curriculums of Florida and Virginia.

Public Performance Rights
Purchase or rental of all LANDMARK MEDIA titles includes public performance rights. This means that you may show them before a public audience.

Copyright Policy
All LANDMARK MEDIA titles are protected by copyright and all rights thereunder are reserved by the copyright owner. The materials may not be transmitted by television (or other devices or processes) nor copied, recast, transformed or adapted in any manner, in whole or in part, without express written permission of the copyright owner.

For further information regarding licensing of any of the above write or call LANDMARK MEDIA, INC.

All prices quoted in this catalogue are for DVD's unless otherwise indicated.

Some Ways to Save:

When older, worn or damaged titles are traded in for new copies of the same title, a discount off catalogue price will be allowed by LANDMARK MEDIA on receipt of the damaged one.

LANDMARK MEDIA will replace any damaged DVD or VHS cassette for $50. The damaged title must be sent to LANDMARK MEDIA before an exchange can take place.

Titles, whether purchased or rented, may not be copied, duplicated, nor may they be reproduced for additional use in any way, whether by direct transmission, except under certain circumstances. Contact your sales representative or LANDMARK MEDIA directly for specific information on licensing for closed circuit television or other rights.

Sole Source Provider

Landmark Media is a SOLE SOURCE PROVIDER of curriculum-based educational programs in K-University level content including Social Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts, Career Guidance, Culinary Arts, and Design in all formats including Digital Streaming on a schools server or streaming platform.

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