Adventures of Compass & Alarm Clock, The (Solving the Mysteries of Science) 26-Part Series

This series makes science lessons interesting and adventurous for students, presenting the concepts of natural sciences, technology, and their practical application in the form of a captivating and humorous animation. Friendly and smart characters teach children necessary skills and knowledge in the modern world.

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This series makes science lessons interesting and adventurous for students, presenting the concepts of natural sciences, technology, and their practical application in the form of a captivating and humorous animation. Friendly and smart characters teach children necessary skills and knowledge in the modern world. They also teach kids how to use generally accepted rules of interpersonal communication. The distinguishing feature of the series is a harmonious blend of science and everyday life. The experiments gradually move from simple to more complex topics.Compass teaches children the basics of Science by demonstrating fascinating experiments. He explains proper behavior, reasonable decision making, clever situation assessment and interpersonal communication principles. Compass fosters respect for sciences in children and inspires them to perform the simplest practical experiments themselves. He also teaches children to be neat, accurate and determined. He has answers to all the questions, and is ready to give useful advice and help. Alarm Clock depicts the nature and habits of a child in the age of hows and whys. He is interested in everything, asks many questions and wants to know everything around him. Alarm Clock represents the children in the audience, helping them participate in the story.

Part 1: Getting Closer Experiments with homemade optical devices demonstrate the magnifying effect of the lenses in glasses, microscopes and telescopes.

Part 2: RAIN Learn about the water cycle and its importance to the ecosystem, as well as some of the most fascinating atmospheric phenomena- lightning and the rainbow.

Part 3: Magical Rays The use of sunlight is ideal for experiments. Learn to build a sundial and a shadow box theater. Explore other effects of sunbeams like desert mirages.

Part 4: In Search of Air Air pressure can be used to launch an air rocket, but what is air, and what is it made of?

Part 5: Experiment with Water From tsunami to soap bubbles and capillary action, Compass demonstrates the properties of water in simple experiments.

Part 6: Mysterious Magnet Alarm Clock learns about magnets and magnetism.

Part 7: Why does everything Fall Downwards? Experiments demonstrating weight and gravity, the effects of shape on air resistance, and different types of friction.

Part 8: Colorful colors Learn about the color spectrum, the rules of color mixing and production of new hues.

Part 9: Hang on to the Earth! The principles of rectilinear and curvilinear motion, centrifugal force and weightlessness.

Part 10: Electric Wonder Homemade electroscope and other safe experiments shed light on the ideas of electricity, electrification and electricity charges.

Part 11: Colorful Surprise Alarm Clock learns the importance of patience and some secrets of gardening.

Part 12: Anything for a Friend An analogy between batteries and the heart and lungs becomes critical when Alarm Clock is rushing to save his best friend.

Part 13: A Walk in the Clouds Alarm Clock learn about weather, air pollution and the different types of clouds.

Part 14: How to Handle Heat A homemade volcano model reveals the nature of volcanic processes. More experiments demonstrate thermal conductivity and heat conservation.

Part 15: Winter Games Alarm Clock learns about winter, snow and regions where it's cold year-round.

Part 16: Breathtaking Flight Compass teaches the history of flight, and shows how to construct different versions of boomerangs and a parachute.

Part 17: The Water Crossing A walk in the woods leads our heroes to consider the weight of objects in the water, hydrostatic force and buoyancy limit. Alarm Clock gets a lesson in honesty and manners.

Part 18: A Little Lost Compass and Alarm Clock try to get home on their own by building a wind-driven car and a kite.

Part 19: High Places Playing on a slide teaches our heroes about caution, chain reaction and power transfer.

Part 20: Attention! Germs! Compass explains to Alarm Clock the nature of germs, mold and bacteria and their role in health, the processing of dairy products and bread.

Part 21: Paper Forest Learn to build a ladder, a tree, and a whole forest using paper.

Part 22: How does it Sound? When Compass explains the nature of echoes and sound waves, Alarm Clock overcomes his fear and finds a way out of a dark cave.

Part 23: Pirate's Treasure Exploring an old pirate ship, Compass explains the process of rusting, solubility and photographic transfer.

Part 24: Lemon Secrets Compass shows Alarm Clock how to make invisible ink, inflate a balloon and conduct other experiments with the help of a simple lemon.

Part 25: Detective Story A secret note leads Compass and Alarm Clock on an exploration of encrypted messages, hidden maps, and mysterious tracks to the greatest treasure in the world - knowledge.

Part 26: First Time at the Arena A trip to the circus leads our heroes to a magician's toolbox, revealing some tricks.

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